Side Project Games

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Prompt "Retro arcade cabinet, moody, fluffy, ::alejandro jodorowsky, studio ghibli, beeple and james gilleard and justin gerard :: ornate, dynamic, particulate, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, centered, artstation, smooth, sharp focus, octane render, 3d"

Uptodown, our main project and my actual job, has grown a lot. It's so complex and has a team of so talented people that it's challenging to keep contributing to it through programming. So I thought, why not create a small game studio where I can get back to doing more creative work?.

That's "Side Project Games", a small one-man studio where I experiment and share my experience making games using Unity and Godot. Stories I hope will inspire other independent developers and help them to combine the dream of making video games and our day job.

Dungeons & Puzzles (prototype - Unity 2D)

A simple "match-3 style" 2D game with physics and D&D characters.

Android & IOS. Page coming soon.

A cozy 3D tavern to play a "D20 Style" card game.

Android, IOS, PC, Mac & Linux.